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Top Five Neighborhoods in New York for Million-Dollar Home Buyers

Navigating New York's challenging real estate market can be daunting, especially for buyers eyeing properties priced at $1 million or more. However, amidst the city's high listing prices and rising mortgage rates, there are pockets of opportunity for savvy buyers. According to a recent report from StreetEasy, certain neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn offer favorable conditions for buyers in this price range.

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  1. Greenwich Village: Topping the list is Greenwich Village, a sought-after neighborhood that boasts the third-highest search volume on real estate listings. Despite a median asking price of $1.985 million, homes here typically sell for 95% of their initial asking price, indicating room for negotiation. With properties spending a median of 125 days on the market and 12.3% of listings reducing their prices, buyers have ample opportunity to strike a deal.

  2. East Village: The East Village presents another promising option for affluent buyers, with a median asking price of $1.4 million. Approximately 10% of listings in this neighborhood have reduced their prices, and homes spend a median of 122 days on the market before being sold, providing buyers with flexibility and bargaining power.

  3. Upper East Side: Despite its high median asking price of $1.897 million, the Upper East Side offers opportunities for negotiation, with homes remaining on the market for a median of 118 days. Around 10% of listings receive price cuts, and properties typically sell for 95% of their initial asking price, making it an attractive option for buyers seeking value.

  4. Dumbo: Dumbo stands out as the priciest neighborhood on the list, with a median asking price of $2.285 million. However, the influx of luxury developments has created opportunities for buyers, with properties spending a median of 130 days on the market. Despite its high price point, buyers can still negotiate deals, as indicated by a median sale-to-list ratio of 95%.

  5. Bushwick: Rounding out the top five is Bushwick, offering a more affordable option with a median listing price of $1.095 million. Despite its lower price point, homes here spend a median of 77 days on the market, with 13.8% of listings receiving price cuts. With a median sale-to-list ratio of 94.3%, Bushwick presents opportunities for buyers seeking value in Brooklyn.

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In conclusion, while New York's real estate market remains competitive, buyers in the million-dollar-plus range can find favorable conditions in select neighborhoods. By leveraging market trends and negotiation strategies, buyers can secure their dream home in the city that never sleeps.

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