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In Megève, an old dwelling reimagined with finesse by the Friedmann & Versace duo

The duo from Paris has reimagined the interior of this mountain sanctuary, imbuing it with a nuanced contemporary flair. Embraced by the grandeur of the mountains, the space effortlessly fuses the warmth of alpine surroundings with modern design. In Megève, a dwelling that harmonizes modernity and conviviality.

chalet Friedmann & Versace

Mountain cabins often emanate a traditional ambiance, laden with imposing woodwork. A tour of this revamped Megève farmhouse by Friedmann & Versace unveils the potential to fashion a dynamic, contemporary space. Breaking away from local stereotypes, the Parisian pair curated a hospitable environment, employing thoughtfully chosen textures and hues.

The Lyon-based couple, deeply rooted in the Savoyard valley, harbored a long-standing desire for a Megève retreat, embracing the joy of skiing and outdoor pursuits. This secondary residence was meticulously planned to cater to the needs of their four-member family, embracing the festive spirit of the nearby Megève community. The architects underscored the importance of preserving the building's legacy, retaining the original structure while infusing it with a renewed identity. An expansive area, balancing comfort and sociability.

chalet Friedmann & Versace

"They envisioned a spacious, family-oriented living space for year-round enjoyment," remark Virginie Friedmann and Delphine Versace. The capacious central zone was cleverly sectioned, focalized around an imposing green ceramic fireplace to infuse warmth into the vast expanse. Two intimate lounges dedicated to reading and TV were crafted, while the reception area, offering a breathtaking mountain view, boasts a four-meter-long bar and sofas for jubilation and conversation. Virtually all furniture, conceived by the studio, complements select curated pieces and art objects from Galerie Armel Soyer. "It's all interconnected, open," they affirm. The kitchen seamlessly extends from this hybrid living space, featuring a visually pleasing design inspired by mountain apothecaries gathering herbs. A welcoming red wooden buffet, meticulously crafted by a local artisan, adds character to the kitchen, drawing inspiration from Florence's Santa Maria Novella apothecary. A homage to the mountains in decoration.

chalet Friedmann & Versace

The interior mirrors the encompassing landscape with expansive windows providing awe-inspiring views. Oriented towards the mountains, the house integrates substantial outdoor spaces like a jacuzzi, terraces, sauna, and expansive summer lounges. Deliberate choices of materials and colors establish connections, associating onyx with river currents, red-browns with thorny berries, and fireplace ceramics with moss. Pillars adorned with hand-painted concrete portray mountain flowers like thistles and edelweiss. Considerate textiles, including braided wool, mohair, and velvet, contribute warmth, inspired by the inviting mountain ambiance of Scandinavians and Americans. The interior designers had the privilege of immersing themselves in the house for a few nights, confirming its triumph. Primarily, a contemporary and enduring environment.

chalet Friedmann & Versace

Friedmann & Versace subtly crafted a contemporary ambiance using curved lines, vivid colors, and coated walls. Upholding the traditional coated walls of the chalet, they preserved its historical allure while introducing a contemporary touch. "The wooden structure inherently imparts a rustic feel to the house, yet our aim was to fuse it with modern lines." In the bedrooms, coated walls with muted colors harmonize with intricately sculpted, turned, or gouged wood, creating contrasts. Experimenting with embroidered fabrics, diverse light fixtures, and organic forms inspired by the mountains, each room possesses a distinct identity. With the constant backdrop of the mountains, an aperture was created in the main bathroom to unveil a panoramic valley view. Beyond the natural elements, the essence of this dwelling is one of continuity. "It was crucial for this place to endure time so that future generations could embrace it over time." The interior designers commend the couple's eco-conscious choice of materials: exquisite stones, bronze, and premium textiles from Pierre Frey, Dedar, Schumacher. Here's to a prolonged existence for this age-old farmhouse, masterfully revitalized to meet contemporary requisites.

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