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Exploring a Monaco Duplex with Art Deco Influences and Panoramic Vistas

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Gadait International invites you to embark on a journey of discovery within a one-of-a-kind duplex nestled in the heart of Monaco. Crafted by the collaborative talents of Monegasque architect Christophe Poyet and Parisian architect Emil Humbert, this project embodies a perfect union of contemporary elegance and sophistication, values that resonate deeply within Gadait International.

An impressive floor-to-ceiling light work by the Bouroullec Brothers

The Visionaries: Humbert & Poyet

Humbert & Poyet, a fusion of creative brilliance, have built a reputation for infusing modern chic with timeless refinement. For over 14 years, their eponymous firm, Humbert & Poyet, has redefined the concept of comfortable glamour. While their expertise spans the globe, from Dubai to Hong Kong and even Mexico, their most significant masterpiece resides right in Monaco—a sumptuous 8,600-square-foot duplex.

On view in the main living room

Monaco's Architectural Gem: A 19-Story Marvel

Nestled within a 19-story building, this architectural gem offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Humbert shares the story of this exceptional project: "We undertook the comprehensive interior design for the entire building, from conceptualizing the master plan, which even includes a spa, to crafting this extraordinary duplex for our clients." Poyet adds, "We were part of this journey right from the beginning, with the initial sketches dating back approximately six years ago."

Another view of the main living area, which includes a large painting by American artist Hernan Bas titled Dragonfly.

Luxury in Every Detail: Impeccable Surfaces and Materials

Every nook of this luxurious duplex shines with impeccable surfaces, carefully chosen materials, and an unwavering commitment to comfort. Even the garage, with its dazzling contemporary design, is a work of art in itself.

Art as a Centerpiece: A Collector's Paradise

Inside the duplex, the clients have assembled a remarkable collection of artworks. To accentuate these artistic treasures, Humbert and Poyet introduced numerous custom finishes, creating new patterns and ornamental details. The result is an interior with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, where deep emphasis is placed on the thoughtful selection of materials, wall coverings, and fixtures.

The bar area is home to the owners’ collection of glassware as well as a silver Buccellati ice bucket

Seamless Fusion of Art and Design

In an effort to harmonize the interior with the clients' cherished art collection, exceptional design pieces, such as a captivating light fixture created by the Bouroullec Brothers, were incorporated. Humbert reflects on the project, stating, "We take immense pride in achieving a perfect balance between our interior design and the clients' collection. Every element coexists in harmonious unity... Our challenge was to infuse life into this modern building."

A Dining Room with a Difference

While the entire duplex is a breathtaking marvel, Poyet, in a moment of candor, admits to having a personal favorite: the dining room. He explains: "The dining room is truly exceptional. The dark marble flooring exudes a dramatic ambiance, perfectly complemented by the sweeping views of Monaco." The bronze walls, with their dynamic tonal changes in the evening light, only serve to enhance the overall mesmerizing effect.

A Masterpiece of Interior Architecture

This Monaco duplex is a true masterpiece of interior architecture, created by Humbert & Poyet for Gadait International. It perfectly embodies elegance, comfort, and creativity in the field of design. This project highlights Gadait International's passion for crafting unique and inspiring spaces that reflect the personality and tastes of its clients.

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