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An Exclusive Revelation: Dubai Welcomes the Grandeur of Sirene by GAIA, the World’s Most Expansive Beach Retreat, Launching this September

Fundamental Hospitality, headquartered in Dubai, unveils its latest marvel, Sirene by GAIA, an opulent beach sanctuary spanning an unprecedented 9,000 square meters, heralding the expansion of the esteemed GAIA restaurant empire to the shores. This grand announcement marks a significant milestone in Dubai's luxury hospitality landscape.

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Stretching majestically across Dubai’s scenic Jumeirah coastline, Sirene by GAIA stands poised to claim the mantle of the globe's largest beach retreat upon its unveiling in September 2024. A testament to meticulous design and deliberation spanning over a year, the establishment will boast an array of luxuries, including more than 400 sun loungers, azure swimming pools, sumptuous cabanas, and sprawling dining precincts offering an epicurean journey through Mediterranean delights – a bespoke gastronomic ensemble curated by GAIA, an icon in Dubai's culinary realm.


Since its inception in Dubai in 2018, GAIA, the bastion of Greek-Mediterranean cuisine, has burgeoned into Fundamental Hospitality’s flagship, with successful forays into locales like Doha, Monte Carlo, and London, alongside imminent ventures in Marbella and Miami this year. Sirene by GAIA, an extension of the GAIA legacy, endeavors to transpose the quintessence of GAIA onto the sun-kissed shores, presenting a tapestry of communal feasting and lavish spreads tailored for beachfront indulgence.

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Sirene by GAIA emerges as a cornerstone of Fundamental Hospitality’s strategic blueprint to introduce 14 new gastronomic concepts across Dubai and the global landscape within the forthcoming year.

“This fiscal year, our investment portfolio exceeds $140 million, earmarked for expansion endeavors both domestically and internationally. Our objective encompasses the inauguration of 15 to 20 dining establishments annually, with future projections spanning 2027, 2028, and 2029, signifying our steadfast commitment to culinary innovation,” divulged Kuzin, reflecting Fundamental Hospitality's dedication to culinary excellence and global expansion.

In Dubai, plans are afoot to unveil INNA, an ode to African gastronomy, alongside Evie’s, an all-encompassing day-to-night rendezvous, in 2024. Kuzin tantalizingly hinted at the incorporation of a prestigious global retail entity within Sirene by GAIA, accentuating the project's scale and eminence. The surge in demand for bespoke lifestyle experiences across the Middle East and Europe, coupled with unwavering client allegiance, emboldens Kuzin in propagating Dubai-born culinary paradigms across the globe.


The September inauguration of Sirene by GAIA epitomizes Dubai's ascendancy within the realm of opulent hospitality. “GAIA stands resplendent as one of Dubai’s preeminent culinary destinations. We take immense pride in GAIA's acclaim, as its superlative offerings resonate universally,” affirmed Kuzin, highlighting the universal appeal and acclaim of GAIA's culinary prowess.

The burgeoning global footprint of the GAIA brand underscores Dubai's imprint on the luxury gastronomic landscape worldwide. “Dubai serves as our genesis, our crucible of creation, and now, our conduit to the global stage,” Kuzin proclaimed, underscoring Dubai's role as a catalyst for culinary innovation and global expansion.


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