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Exceptional Passive Architectural Residence for Sale: Dive into Unparalleled Eco-Living

Embark on a journey through the forefront of eco living in France with the first architect-designed residence where winter comfort is achieved without relying on traditional heating! From the decline of energy-intensive structures of the past to the rise of passive houses, a vital transition is unfolding.

forefront ecological living

In a context where the construction sector ranks third in greenhouse gas emissions (INSEE, 2022), architects are pivotal players in a crucial energy transition, reshaping construction methods. Buildings from the last century, initially shaped for aesthetic reasons such as Art Nouveau celebrating molded concrete and curves, and later for functional purposes with the advent of reinforced concrete meeting the needs of mass construction, are now confronted with contemporary challenges.

forefront ecological living

Built in 2009 by the Karawitz agency, this contemporary residence adheres to the stringent standards of Passivhaus, a European certification ensuring optimal energy management without the use of conventional heating methods. Nestled in Bessancourt, a commune in the Val d'Oise, it stands out not only for its exceptional energy performance but also for the exclusive use of ecological materials, including a complete structure made of solid wood.

forefront ecological living

Situated between the Montmorency state forest and the Maubuisson forest, the largest forest plantation in France since the 17th century, this residence enjoys a preserved and ecologically committed environment. Providing breathtaking views of a 12th-century church classified as a historical monument, it seamlessly integrates into this tranquil neighborhood, wrapped in chestnut wood ganivelle from the Cévennes, a choice inspired by the surrounding forests, imparting an almost sculptural elegance on the landscape.

forefront ecological living

Tailored to accommodate a family's lifestyle, the residence offers spacious and luminous spaces, with a layout optimized for energy performance: minimal openings to the north, controlled solar gains from the south, and the integration of a double-flux ventilation system. Movable partitions allow for interior modularity, providing exceptional usage flexibility.

This outstanding residence is currently available for sale through the Architecture de Collection agency, priced at €895,000.

forefront ecological living

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