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Dubaï Real Estate: Setting New Records with Over 120,000 Transactions in 2023

In 2023, Dubaï real estate market witnessed unprecedented growth, recording over 120,000 transactions, as revealed in a recent report. The strong demand fueled an average increase of approximately 18% in property prices across the emirate, further solidifying its status as a leading global residential investment destination.

Exceptional Performance in 2023

Dubai's real estate market experienced a remarkable surge in 2023, with a staggering 38% increase in residential sales transactions compared to the previous year. According to Betterhomes' Dubai Real Estate Market Report for 2023, off-plan sales accounted for more than half of all transactions.

Upward Trajectory of Prices

Average prices reached new heights in September 2023, surpassing levels set in September 2014. Despite a slight dip in off-plan transactions in the last quarter, this upward trajectory persisted, showcasing the resilience of Dubai's real estate market.

Statement from Richard Wained, CEO of Betterhomes: "2023 marks a new series of records for Dubai's real estate market, with both the volume and value of sales transactions reaching unprecedented levels."


Differential Price Increases

Growing demand led to an approximately 18% average increase in property prices throughout the emirate. Specific areas like Dubai Creek Harbour and Palm Jumeirah experienced over 30% price hikes, surpassing pre-2014 crash peaks.

Strong Demand Despite Price Increases

Despite rising prices, buyer interest remains high. Betterhomes reported a remarkable 91% increase in leads processed over one year, indicating continued appeal for Dubai's dynamic real estate market. The demand was fueled by the arrival of over 100,000 new residents in the UAE in 2023.

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Foreign Investors and Luxury Market

Indians and Britons were the most active foreign buyers, while Egyptians, Lebanese, Pakistanis, and Turks significantly increased their investments in Dubai's safe-haven assets. The luxury sector also thrived, with transactions exceeding AED 15 million more than doubling compared to 2022.

Supply-Demand Imbalance and Rent Increases

The supply-demand imbalance led to a 24% increase in average listing prices on Betterhomes. Tight market conditions propelled overall occupancy rates to an unprecedented level, ranging from 93 to 97 percent.

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While Dubai's real estate market experienced exceptional growth in 2023, the outlook remains optimistic. Essential offerings are anticipated to be available only by the end of 2025 and beyond, indicating that Dubai's real estate boom still has significant potential for the years ahead. The enduring appeal of Dubai as a global business and lifestyle hub continues to attract massive interest from residents and investors worldwide.

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