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2024 Celeb Goals: A Glimpse into Wisdom, Ambition, and a Year of Triumphs!

As we usher in 2024, several celebrities have shared their New Year's resolutions with The Standard, unveiling diverse personal and professional celeb goals. These statements not only highlight the stars' ambitions but also showcase their wisdom and thoughtful approach to life. Let's explore the resolutions of some influential personalities and how they inspire a more fulfilling and meaningful life.


Luke Evans: Embracing Each Day as a Resolution The talented Welsh actor and singer, Luke Evans, renowned for his return to the London stage after 15 years, adopts a laid-back approach to resolutions. He advocates for living the best possible life every day, being the optimal version of oneself, and not waiting until the year-end to make positive decisions. For him, every day should be a resolution to do good, pay it forward, be a pleasant person, and share love.

luke evans

Mollie King: Being Present and Managing Anxiety Former Saturdays singer turned BBC Radio 1 presenter, Mollie King, shares her commitment to improving mental presence. Confronting anxiety, she aspires to stay in the present moment, overcome worries, and avoid overthinking. Her resolution to focus on the day-to-day aims to make everything more manageable and cultivate a more balanced life.

mollie king

Katherine Ryan: Returning to Comedy Roots Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan, juggling her career and the role of a mother of three, aspires to return to her stand-up roots in the next 12 months. She shares the idea of slipping out after bath and bedtime to hit the stage, emphasizing the importance of pursuing passions despite the challenges of daily life.

Katherine Ryan

Julia Bradbury: Exploring Health and Continuous Discovery TV presenter and outdoor enthusiast Julia Bradbury overcame a breast cancer diagnosis in 2021. Now in remission, she approaches the New Year with hopes for a happy and, above all, healthy year. Her resolutions include the continuous exploration of ways for herself and her family to stay healthy, highlighting the importance of ongoing growth and discovery.

Julia Bradbury

These celebrities' resolutions reveal inspiring wisdom and maturity, emphasizing values such as daily presence, pursuing passions despite challenges, and the importance of physical and mental health. May these examples guide each of us in crafting our own resolutions for a 2024 filled with personal growth and happiness.

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